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Where passion and past performance,
create powerful brands.
Overcome Obstacles.

Overcome Obstacles.

Captivate Audiences.

Captivate Audiences.

Clear Direction.

Clear Direction.

See Results.

See Results.

Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing.



Strategic Planning.

Strategic Planning.

Social Media.

Social Media.

Content Creation.

Content Creation.



Why Should You Hire Us?


We find your targeted audience and create memorable online experiences for your customers, which promotes brand awareness, increases website traffic, and drives revenue.

Meet Our Founder & President:

Natalie Adis, MBA

Founder & President

Our Story


Back in the Fall of 2013,  Founder & President, Natalie Adis realized that small business owners and entrepreneurs needed to keep up with current online marketing trends, yet they didn't know where or how to start. Others didn't have the time to dedicate to this new part of their business. Knowing digital marketing would open new doors, and present opportunities that these business owners didn't even realize, she decided to commit her career to helping them  and Social Splash Guru was born.

Using her educational background and professional experience in digital marketing, Natalie and her team have dedicated themselves to creating digital marketing plans that use industry relevant data in order to assist in decision making that leads to revenue generating results. No strategy created is ever the same and is custom made to her clients' needs.

Educational Background

  • Georgian Court University with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Humanities (Spanish)

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Leadership & Global Marketing


What We Do


Social Splash Guru is a digital marketing agency located in Ocean County, New Jersey that is committed to providing assistance to small business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the state of New Jersey.


Services Include:


  • Strategic Planning

    • Digital Marketing​

    • Traditional Marketing

  • Social Media

    • Campaign Creation

    • Management

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • Content Creation​

  • Search Engine Marketing

    • Google Adwords​

    • Pay Per Click Campaigns

  • Content Creation

    • Blogging​

    • Social Media Posts

  • Press Releases & Distribution

  • Guest Speaking

  • Social Media Coaching & Training


What We Believe

Today, everyone is just a click away from a Google search. Facebook timelines are becoming saturated with marketing propaganda. Consumers have the power to tweet in just 140 characters or less, a positive or negative experience with your organization.

This why we believe you must be prepared and have a partner who understands how to navigate the digital world and knows how it could impact your businesses' bottom line.

We believe their is a need more than ever before to prove to your website visitors and potential customers that you are a reputable and trustworthy business, Let's us join you in your journey to digital success.


How We Work

Here at Social Splash Guru we believe in offering targeted, affordable and proven solutions for your largest digital marketing obstacles.


We hold ideation sessions that help position your brand as a subject matter expert through content marketing.


We provide management of social media platforms, and content creation services.


We craft powerful social media campaigns and develop comprehensive marketing plans that drive traffic to your website. 


Lastly, we provide results with customized reports that enable you to make decisions that are specified directly for your businesses' needs.